Professional Seal Coating and Striping Services

Seal coating is an essential part to any surfacing and restriping plan. Not only does it provide proper protection from the elements, it adds a fantastic new look. There are other benefits to seal coating, too:


Seal coating reduces the rate water enters the pavement. The less water that enters, the longer lasting the pavement becomes. Water freezes and unfreezes, making the pavement crack and break apart. With proper seal coating, the pavement will last longer and look greater.

Easy maintenance

Maintenance and cleanliness of the surface is an important part to any surfacing plan. Maintenance throughout the year makes the surface last longer and saves you money.

Slows down the oxidation process

Oxidation mixed with water and moisture damage the pavement and surface. Seal coating helps slow down the oxidation process making pavement last longer.

Looks great

Great looking pavement improves the home or businesses’ curb appeal. Heightened curb appeal leads to greater business opportunities.

Cost effective

Seal coating also helps keep the cost down because the maintenance on the pavement is nominal and will provide a longer lasting product.

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